Fungal Resources

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Our Presentations

Intro to Mushroom Hunting

Bethany Teigen

Fun with Fungi

Sam Bucciarelli sponsored by Friends of the Wissahickon

Mushroom Walk

Sam Bucciarelli sponsored by Friends of the Wissahickon

Getting into Mushrooms

Bethany Teigen

Let's Take A Mushroom Walk

Sam Bucciarelli

Uncovering Bioluminescent Fungi

Matt Schink

Entomopathogenic Fungi of Eastern North America

Rowan Nygard

Mycorrhizal Fungi

Christian Schwarz

Mushroom Identification

How to Make Effective Observation - Article by Roy Halling
Field Guide to Mushrooms of the Northeastern Forests - Guide by the USDA
Learn Your Land - YouTube channel by Adam Harritan - many topics specific to this region
Mushroom Expert - Website created to serve as a mushroom encyclopedia by Michel Kuo
The Bolete Filter - Dichotomous key by the Western PA Mushroom Club - for help with identifying mushrooms in the Boletales family
Amanita Key - Dichotomous key for helping to identify mushrooms in the genus Amanita, presented by Mushroom Expert
Phylogeny Wheels - Guide to mushroom genera from the publication Fungi of Temperate Europe
Program on Various Mushroom Classifications - Presented by NAMA, created by Dr. Michael Beug
Mushroom Adjectives - Word guide for how to describe mushrooms by The Shroomery

Fungal Ecology

Fungal Ecology - Blog by the Forest Floor Narrative

How Mushrooms Reproduce

Video about fungal reproductive cycles

Lichen & Fungi

Video by the NJ Pinelands Commission

Fungal Conservation

Fungal Conservation - A peer-reviewed journal article by Dr. Jessica Allen and Dr. James Lendemer of the NYBG - a call to action for fungal conservation through research funding and legislation
Protect Fungi - The conservation page for Fungal Diversity Survey - a national non-profit whose goal is to understand, document, and protect North American Fungi
Global Fungal Red List - A database of the worlds rare and endangered fungal species by the IUCN

Entheogenic and Culinary Uses for Fungi

Information regarding Medicinal Mushrooms by NAMA
ID Guide for Dying Mushrooms by NAMA
Mushroom Cultivation by Peter McCoy and the Radical Mycology Collective

Habitat and Tree Identification

Weather, habitat, and tree identification can be a big part of mushroom foraging. These resources along with the search feature on will help you determine ideal hiking locations to visit on any given day.

Weather and Rainfall Map - Use this interactive map to find the wettest areas near you for optimal mushroom hunting in the dry seasons
Common Trees of Pennsylvania - A PDF guide to tree ID by the Pennsylvania DCNR
Land for Life - A publication by the Natural Lands Trust depicting many maps of South Eastern PA’s watersheds, soil types, and general ecology
Dendrology - A short-episode series by Don Leopold, perfect for tree identification
Plants of the Pine Barrens - A helpful guide to the ecosystems in the nearby NJ Pinelands

Our Favorite Books

Mushrooms of the Northeastern United States and Eastern Canada

Timothy J Baroni

This is the most comprehensive guide for our area. It covers a wide array of genera and is arranged by spore color. This is an excellent book for new mycologists, ready to get involved with identifying mushrooms.

Mushrooms of the Northeast

Teresa Marrone, Walt Sturgeon

This is a great pocket guide. It covers popular edibles and toxic mushrooms in their own sections to help foragers quickly find exactly what they are looking for. Tabs at the top of the page indicate time of year and substrate to help those new to the field and children quickly rule out look-a-like species.

A Mushroom Word Guide

Dr. Robert Hallock

This book on mushroom etymology is written by an English professor. It deconstructs the Latin and Greek words used to name and describe mushrooms. Tools like this can be helpful in deconstructing mushroom taxonomy and remembering Latin binomial names for different species.

North American Mushrooms

Dr. Orsen Miller Jr., Hope Miller

This comprehensive guide is great for mycologists that travel as it covers all of North America.

Philadelphia Trees

Edward Barnard, Paul Meyer, Catriona Briger

This book covers native, planted, and cultivated trees in Philadelphia. The book includes pictures, drawing, and descriptions of each tree and its identifying features as well as details about where specifically each species can be found in and around the city.

From Our Library

We understand that many mycology books are expensive and inaccessible to the public. Selections from our library can be viewed upon request.

Tricholomas of North America
Milk Mushrooms of North America
Boletes of Eastern North America
Ascomycete Fungi of North America
Radical Mycology
Fungi of Temperate Europe
Amanitas of North America
The Kingdom of Fungi
One Thousand American Fungi

For further reading and more incredible fungal resources, check out this growing list compiled by Sigrid Jakob of Fungal Diversity Survey.