Starting Out

Mushroom Identification

How to Make Effective Observations, article by Roy Halling
Field Guide to Common Mushrooms of the Northeastern Forests, free PDF guide by the USDA
Learn Your Land, Youtube Channel by Adam Harritan
Mushroom Expert, a website created to serve as a mushroom encyclopedia by Michael Kuo
The Bolete Filter a Dichotomous key by the Western PA Mushroom Club -- for help with identifying mushrooms in the Boletales family
Amanita Key Dichotomous key presented by Mushroom Expert-- for help identifying mushrooms in the genus Amanita
Phylogeny Wheels, a PDF guide to mushroom genera from the publication Fungi of Temperate Europe
Programs on Various Mushroom Classifications, presented by NAMA, created by Michael Beug
Mushroom Adjectives, a word guide for how to describe mushrooms by The Shroomery

Fungal Ecology

Fungal Conservation

Entheogenic and Culinary Uses for Fungi

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